Ticket Sales Policy

All booking transactions processed through this website are first sent and received as requests only. You will receive an email confirmation first that your order has been sent to us and upon submission of your order, a hold will be placed on the debit or credit card used only for the funds required to fulfill the purchase with instaticket. Upon acceptance of your order and availability of tickets, a second email will be sent to confirm your purchase, at which time the credit or debit card used to place your order will be charged and the amount debited from your account.

instaticket accepts no responsibility for any lost or stolen tickets, nor do we accept any responsibility for change of venue, time or date. All sales are final and as the buyer, you give full permission for your debit or credit card to be charged for the purchase of tickets based on the amount stated in the initial booking request – this amount is final and in line with the instaticket “no hidden fees” policy.

As an independently owned ticket agency, instaticket does not set the ticket prices – the sellers choose what price to sell their tickets at and this is usually based on the market value. Tickets may be bought and sold both above and below their “face value”. You may, therefore, find that the price printed on your ticket differs from the price that you have paid, as our service is based on the process of finding our customer base the best seats available and acting upon requests.

instaticket reserves the right to upgrade any ticket purchased based on availability with comparable or upgraded seats. If in any case, we cannot fulfill an order placed through our website due to any reason, we reserve the right to cancel any order and will return payment if it has been debited from your account.


Refund Policy

As stated in our “Ticket Sales Policy”, Instaticket will only refund the full price of tickets if the promoter cancels an event and in no other circumstances. instaticket does not accept exchanges for any other tickets. We accept no responsibility for lost or stolen tickets, nor do we accept any responsibility for any change in venue, date or time. If an event ends up being rescheduled, then tickets purchased will be active for the rescheduled date.

If you are refused entry to an event please contact instaticket via the contact us details on our website. If your problem is not sorted and you are refused entry entirely as the tickets purchased from instaticket did not grant you entry, we will cover you with our 100% Get-In Guarantee – providing full valid proof that the tickets failed to gain you entry to the event. “Full Valid Proof” must determine without question that it was solely the fault of Instaticket that you did not gain access to the event.

All instaticket sales are final and any requests for refunds in line with our 100% Get-In Guarantee should be made within (10) working days of a cancelled event. To request a refund, original event tickets must be returned to instaticket via post with tracking number provided for tracking the product. Once received we will refund the full amount within 2 weeks from the date of receiving.

For further information please refer to our FAQ page.

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